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  • Certificate in Theology and Ministry

    The Certificate program helps ministers & Lay leaders within and outside the Church of Pentecost, as a leveling program for those seeking to expand their theological education. The content of the Certificate program is designed to help students develop a biblical theology that enables them to appropriate the redemptive message of the Christian faith and serve with the spirit of the servant leader to their communities.

  • Diploma in Pastoral and Theological Studies

    Diploma program is designed for both new fulltime and part-time ministers who may not qualify for the Master’s program and interested lay leaders who have completed the certificate program. The Diploma program emphasizes academic quality, social and cultural sensitivity for students, and the unequivocal commitment to the church and society as servant/leaders. The program is 25 part of the non-graduate credit diploma curriculum of PBSeminary and helps students complete the necessary requirements for admission into the Seminary's Master's degree programs.

  • Masters in Theology and Ministry

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